[Hellsgate] Pre-registration for Gulf Wars XX

Liam Gordon cenliamgordon2005 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 12:46:08 PST 2010

Greetings to Kin and Kith,

Gulf Wars XX is just under three months away.  For those that are planning
on going, here is some information that you will need:

For mail in reservations:

   - Please use one RESERVATION FORM
   <http://www.gulfwars.org/registration-form.html>per person.
   - All reservations must be postmarked no later than JANUARY 31, 2011.
   - Reservations will not be processed without payment.
   - Transfers of reservations ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Credit Card Online Reservations:

   - Credit Card online reservations
be available and will continue until February 18, 2011 at the
   pre-reservation price.(ACCEPS link opens a new window).
   - Reservations will not be processed without payment.
   - Transfers of reservations are NOT ALLOWED

You should also have the following when trolling in:

   - Positive ID with photo and birth date E.g.: Photo drivers license,
   Military ID, Passport.
   - Minors (age 17 or under) without parents or legal guardians must have
   the appropriate (unaccompanied
   forms required by the kingdom of Gleann Abhann.
   - Proof of membership
   - Acceptable Proof of Membership:
      - Membership card
      - Mailing label from a Society publication showing membership # and
      expiration date
      - Payment confirmation from Society registry
      - Statement showing check payment or charge to Society registry
   - Car license number if you are responsible for a vehicle
   - Enough *CASH* for any additional gate fees (non-members expect to pay
   the $5 NMS Fee)

Now, after you pre-reg, what I am asking y'all to do is send me the
following information:

SCA Name:
Mundane Name:
Reservation Confirmation Number:
Tent Size (Foot Print, not counting ropes.  I will figure that out):
Meal Plan (If any):

I know that some folks don't want to cook at all, while some are willing to
clean, etc.  Hopefully, we will be able to get something figured out soon
enough for this.  As of right now, I know of two groups within BG that will
be doing a meal plan...  As to who is going to be doing the cooking for the
other parts of the Barony, I could not tell you.

Also, a camp rule that needs to be followed this year is the chore
assingment listing...  Um, filling tiki's, trash, dishes, etc, should and
will be enforced this year.  Last year, we had some issues and the same
people ended up doing some of the same chores.

I am fairly certain, that after the 18th of February, we can hash out some
more of this info for those of us who are going.  As of right now, I have a
confimed number of 18 folks commited to going.  The Dalassos-Gordon houshold
(4), the Ruiz Horde (5), Baroness Daria and family (5- if Amy is able to
go), Lady Ysabeau (1), Mistress Gwenllian ferch Maredudd (1) (both from Bryn
Gwlad), and Duke Aaron McGreggor (2).

As soon as I get everyone's information who Pre-registers, I will set up a
list for those of us to use to communicate with each other.

Thank you,


Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit

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