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> Which reminds me how do I make a banner?
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> November Populace Recap-
> WOW!  What a great populace meeting!  I was thrilled to see so many
> Hellsgaters out on a night that probably could have been spent curled
> up in front of a fire, reading or watching a movie.
> In opening, I passed along a message from the Baron and Baroness of
> Bryn Gwlad, (also known as Lord and Lady Hellsgate now!).  To put it
> bluntly, they are OMG proud of us, and we've worked really hard.  They
> were happy to support us, and wants to make sure the Stronghold stays
> a high priority for the incoming B&B.
> As for my report, it was pretty drawn out, but here's the gist of it.
> I'm throwing down a challenge.  We got the group elevated to regular
> status, and that's GREAT!  However...this is where the hard work
> starts.  (Yes, you're all going to get REALLY sick of me saying that.)
>  We all had our eyes on ONE goal, and we all pulled together to
> achieve it.  What now?
> So, with that in mind, I'm challenging each and every one of you:
> What can YOU do to make the Stronghold better (faster, and more
> maneuverable)???  What can you bring to the table to make sure we stay
> a kickass group?  I'm challenging the officers:  How can you excel in
> YOUR office?
> For me, I'm making some banners.  We'd like to spiff up fighter
> practice, and so, I offered to make a banner.  Timur saw my challenge
> and raised me one, so now I'm making two.  Yep.  Two hanging banners,
> so that we can put them on the trees, or the shades or whatever.
> Basically, it's something to say “HEY!  Lookie!  We're spiffy!”  Kat
> took that challenge and is making a banner as well.  I'm making
> Stronghold banners, but they don't have to be just that.  Your device,
> your badge...whatever!  Just some colors you like, sewn together in
> stripes is good!  Something bright and colorful is what we're shooting
> for.  It's also going to be good for wars and when we're out at events
> together, because we'll be able to point folks to our area more
> easily.
> The Hospitaller is throwing that gauntlet down too.  Mistress Mel is
> asking all of us to talk about the SCA, to encourage other people to
> join in this game we love.  So...get out there.  Who can you think of
> to talk to?
> The A&S officer, the HL Brandubh, wants to know:  What are YOU doing,
> A&S-wise?  Let him know!  Email him what you're up to, and send
> pictures to Baroness Daria to put on the webpage!  (Oh LOOK!  Helene
> and Kat are making BANNERS!!!)
> HL Keyna, our intrepid herald is looking for more work.  If you're not
> sure about what you want to be known as, or what you want for a
> device, come talk to her.  She can help you decide and get it
> submitted.  (AND that'll give you something to start putting on a
> banner....)
> The money-handler, HL Adrian, is looking at getting us a checking
> account so we can have our own checkbook.  We'll also be looking over
> the financial policy in December, and voting on it again, so if you
> didn't get a chance to give your input, that's the time to do it.
> The knight marshall, Centurion Liam, would like to encourage all of us
> who are so inclined...get out and FIGHT!  We've heard rumors about a
> siege crew...and how absolutely freakin' cool would THAT be???  Also,
> the BG War Company is looking at the possibility of adding combat
> archers to their game, so if you're not big on swinging a stick, or
> being in the melee scrum, you're still welcome on the field.
> Yule planning, by the lovely Kat and Adellinde (did I spell that
> right???) is in full swing.  Please check with them on what food type
> items need to be brought.  We're evidently good on meat, so dust off
> your cookbooks, and put on your aprons and get some side dishes going.
>  If you need help, I'm sure Mistress Mel would love to give you some
> hints.  We will need folks to commit to helping set up and tear down
> the site.  Also, please plan on coming.  There will be a Mongolian
> gift exchange, with a price limit of $10-15.  If you can, maybe
> something to dress up a camp or some clothing?  That would keep the
> spirit of the season and the SCA around!
> Now, here's where things get a bit...well...not quite so happy.
> Our event has been bumped from the Kingdom calendar.  It's not our
> fault and there's nothing we can do about it.  So...we all kicked
> around some ideas, and came up with a good solution.  We're going to
> still hold Crucible...but as a demo/tourney on the first weekend of
> April, in conjunction with the Salado Market Days.  We'll have room to
> fight, room to set up tents, shades, activities, etc, and it won't
> cost us a dime. It was a unanimous decision by all in attendance
> because....
> We're going to come back stronger and more kickass in 2012.  We'll be
> able to get the site we want, the date we want, and it won't feel so
> thrown together.
> Liam and I were talking about this, and we'd like to set up our period
> pavilion, as a showplace, as period and spiffy as we can possibly make
> it to show off what we can really do when we put our minds to it.  I'd
> like to encourage everyone to dust off their best dresses and hosen,
> shine up that armor, polish the pots and lets plan on making a great
> impression.  If you can bring something to contribute to a really
> awesome period camp, bring it!!!  Furniture, clothes, crafts, etc.
> We'd love to see lots of crafts demonstrated...spinning, maybe?  I'll
> be happy to bring my illumination!
> Also, since I know we're all looking forward to Candlemas, we've been
> given the green light to hold a silent auction there.  We'll provide
> the staff and equipment to run it, but it's a go.  So....start
> thinking about what you want to contribute!
> That's about all for me!
> In service,
> Helene
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Americans the war remains an abstraction – a distant and unpleasant
series of news items that do not affect them personally."- Robert
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