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The official period spelling is Adallind, but I like your spelling better :)  
srsly, i don't care how you spell it as long as everyone knows who you're 
talking about.

~Jen AKA Addie :)

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Which reminds me how do I make a banner? 
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November Populace Recap-

WOW!  What a great populace meeting!  I was thrilled to see so many
Hellsgaters out on a night that probably could have been spent curled
up in front of a fire, reading or watching a movie.

In opening, I passed along a message from the Baron and Baroness of
Bryn Gwlad, (also known as Lord and Lady Hellsgate now!).  To put it
bluntly, they are OMG proud of us, and we've worked really hard.  They
were happy to support us, and wants to make sure the Stronghold stays
a high priority for the incoming B&B.

As for my report, it was pretty drawn out, but here's the gist of it.

I'm throwing down a challenge.  We got the group elevated to regular
status, and that's GREAT!  However...this is where the hard work
starts.  (Yes, you're all going to get REALLY sick of me saying that.)
We all had our eyes on ONE goal, and we all pulled together to
achieve it.  What now?

So, with that in mind, I'm challenging each and every one of you:
What can YOU do to make the Stronghold better (faster, and more
maneuverable)???  What can you bring to the table to make sure we stay
a kickass group?  I'm challenging the officers:  How can you excel in
YOUR office?

For me, I'm making some banners.  We'd like to spiff up fighter
practice, and so, I offered to make a banner.  Timur saw my challenge
and raised me one, so now I'm making two.  Yep.  Two hanging banners,
so that we can put them on the trees, or the shades or whatever.
Basically, it's something to say “HEY!  Lookie!  We're spiffy!”  Kat
took that challenge and is making a banner as well.  I'm making
Stronghold banners, but they don't have to be just that.  Your device,
your badge...whatever!  Just some colors you like, sewn together in
stripes is good!  Something bright and colorful is what we're shooting
for.  It's also going to be good for wars and when we're out at events
together, because we'll be able to point folks to our area more

The Hospitaller is throwing that gauntlet down too.  Mistress Mel is
asking all of us to talk about the SCA, to encourage other people to
join in this game we love.  So...get out there.  Who can you think of
to talk to?

The A&S officer, the HL Brandubh, wants to know:  What are YOU doing,
A&S-wise?  Let him know!  Email him what you're up to, and send
pictures to Baroness Daria to put on the webpage!  (Oh LOOK!  Helene
and Kat are making BANNERS!!!)

HL Keyna, our intrepid herald is looking for more work.  If you're not
sure about what you want to be known as, or what you want for a
device, come talk to her.  She can help you decide and get it
submitted.  (AND that'll give you something to start putting on a

The money-handler, HL Adrian, is looking at getting us a checking
account so we can have our own checkbook.  We'll also be looking over
the financial policy in December, and voting on it again, so if you
didn't get a chance to give your input, that's the time to do it.

The knight marshall, Centurion Liam, would like to encourage all of us
who are so inclined...get out and FIGHT!  We've heard rumors about a
siege crew...and how absolutely freakin' cool would THAT be???  Also,
the BG War Company is looking at the possibility of adding combat
archers to their game, so if you're not big on swinging a stick, or
being in the melee scrum, you're still welcome on the field.
Yule planning, by the lovely Kat and Adellinde (did I spell that
right???) is in full swing.  Please check with them on what food type
items need to be brought.  We're evidently good on meat, so dust off
your cookbooks, and put on your aprons and get some side dishes going.
If you need help, I'm sure Mistress Mel would love to give you some
hints.  We will need folks to commit to helping set up and tear down
the site.  Also, please plan on coming.  There will be a Mongolian
gift exchange, with a price limit of $10-15.  If you can, maybe
something to dress up a camp or some clothing?  That would keep the
spirit of the season and the SCA around!

Now, here's where things get a bit...well...not quite so happy.

Our event has been bumped from the Kingdom calendar.  It's not our
fault and there's nothing we can do about it.  So...we all kicked
around some ideas, and came up with a good solution.  We're going to
still hold Crucible...but as a demo/tourney on the first weekend of
April, in conjunction with the Salado Market Days.  We'll have room to
fight, room to set up tents, shades, activities, etc, and it won't
cost us a dime. It was a unanimous decision by all in attendance

We're going to come back stronger and more kickass in 2012.  We'll be
able to get the site we want, the date we want, and it won't feel so
thrown together.

Liam and I were talking about this, and we'd like to set up our period
pavilion, as a showplace, as period and spiffy as we can possibly make
it to show off what we can really do when we put our minds to it.  I'd
like to encourage everyone to dust off their best dresses and hosen,
shine up that armor, polish the pots and lets plan on making a great
impression.  If you can bring something to contribute to a really
awesome period camp, bring it!!!  Furniture, clothes, crafts, etc.
We'd love to see lots of crafts demonstrated...spinning, maybe?  I'll
be happy to bring my illumination!

Also, since I know we're all looking forward to Candlemas, we've been
given the green light to hold a silent auction there.  We'll provide
the staff and equipment to run it, but it's a go.  So....start
thinking about what you want to contribute!

That's about all for me!

In service,

"Whatever their fond sentiments for men and women in uniform, for most
Americans the war remains an abstraction – a distant and unpleasant
series of news items that do not affect them personally."- Robert
Gates, Secretary of Defense.
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