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it was a good social


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This Sunday is our newcomers welcome and our bye bye to Andy party (and my 
birthday weekend). Same time as fighter practice and at the same place.  We are 
having burgers and chicken. If you would like to please bring a side or cookies 
that would be nice. You can bring your feast gear to eat on. I will have a few 
paper plates for the people who do not have feast gear.   Bring your own drinks. 

Everyone try their best to show up and meet the newer members of Hellsgate and 
lets have a great time.  

If you can get in armor and beat on Andy he would like also. 
The social gathering last night was fun. We sit around and told growing up 
stories until late. I found out a lot about some people last night. Guess if you 

can who these people are:
1. Wanted a crayfish for a pet.
2. Wore jeans 2 sizes to small to show their hinny off.
3. Who got CPS called on their mom when they tangled themselves in their 
own yarn neck less
4. Did the happy dance on the range when they scored expert on some big gun 
(sorry can't remember the which big gun)
5. Who complains when you drop old people they whine.
6. Who at 4 years old learned to give the finger to people to the transformers 
7. Who thinks the reason smurfs were blue was because Smurfett was a lesbian.
If you have not been coming I would encourage you to come out and get to know 
some of these wonderful new friends.

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