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This is a quick heads up for everyone...

You have a voice in who the B&B will be, so use it!!!


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Oh helpful Barony, in the future, it might save some confusion if
individuals would allow the officials involved and in charge (as in
the Baron, Baroness or Seneschal) answer questions with such specific
details as schedules.

As Regional Seneschal, I must add in a few pertinent details.

The polling will be conducted:
•  By Baron Iago Cabrera de Cadiz, the Seneschal of Bjornsborg, due to
this being the home group of the Regional Seneschal, who plans on
•  Details regarding the polling will be announced officially at the
November Baronial Business Meeting and published in the official
November Baronial newsletter and placed on the Baronial website
calendar and posted to the Baronial email list, after the Baronial
Business Meeting on November 8, 2010.  Up until those official
announcements are made, nothing is official.  Business Meetings and
Newsletters = Official, email lists are not.

On the question of who may cast a vote in the polling:
•  Anyone who self-identifies this Barony as their primary group of
participation may cast a vote in the poll. Members of the Stronghold
are encouraged to vote, as the Baron and/or Baroness of this group
will be in a leadership position for their group as well.
•  It is not a requirement to live in a zip code assigned to this
Barony/Stronghold to vote.
•  You do not have to be a paid member of the SCA to vote.
•  Anyone who is able to fill out the ballot unassisted may vote in
this poll, however if they are a minor under the age of 16 their legal
guardian must also sign the ballot.

Additional Info:
•  Anyone and everyone who has an opinion on who the next Baron and/or
Baroness of Bryn Gwlad should or should not be is more than welcome
and is heartily encouraged by Their Majesties Ansteorra to write an
email or letter in regards to the matter.  Their Majesties email
address is available on the Kingdom Website  www.ansteorra.org .
Their postal address is available in the Ansteorran kingdom
newsletter, The Black Star.  If you do not receive The Black Star and
are in need of Their Majesties postal address, please feel free to
email me privately and I will provide it.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the November Baronial Business Meeting.

In Service,
HL Emeline Neville
Southern Region Seneschal

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