[Hellsgate] Hellsgate Yule Masquerade

Jennifer Hartlove jmhartlove at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 18:20:43 PDT 2010

Hellsgate Yule Masquerade Information

What: A Yule masquerade ball, dress as something fun :)
Where:  National Guard building in Killeen, located at 3101 S w S Young Dr, 
Killeen, TX 76542
When: December 4th 2010 (Setup begins at 3:00pm, Event begins at 6:00pm, 
Clean-up begins at 11:00 pm)  *please contact Jen and Kat at 
jmhartlove at yahoo.com if you are able to be on the Set-up or Clean-up crews or 
Site Fee: Please bring a finger-food type dish to contribute to the buffet table 
plus a canned food item to be donated to Helping Hands Ministries 
(http://www.helpinghandsbelton.org/).  Cash donations to benefit Hellsgate will 
also be appreciated.

Site information:
We have the National Guard building in Killeen for Dec 4th 2010.  This site is 
not a wet site, so keep any alcohol on the down-low.  We are privileged to be 
able to use this site and would not want to do anything to jeapordize our 
chances to use it in the future.
If you are able donate or loan decorations to Hellsgate to help us bring holiday 
cheer to our very large event space, please contact Jen and Kat at 
jmhartlove at yahoo.com, let us know what you have and when you will be able to get 
it to us.
Since this event is a masquerade ball, we are working on getting some ceramic 
masks to use for decoration as well as prizes for the raffle.  We would 
appreciate some help painting these masks.  If you would like to wield a 
paintbrush instead of a sword, please contact Jen and Kat at 
jmhartlove at yahoo.com.  

Timeline Information:
We will be able to get into the hall to start setup at 3:00 pm.  We can use any 
assistance we can get.  The actual event will begin at 6:00 pm in order to allow 
the set-up crew time to get cleaned up and pretty.  The event will end at 11:00 
pm, and clean-up will be from 11:00pm to midnight.  Please let Jen and Kat know 
by e-mail at jmhartlove at yahoo.com if you are able to help with set-up, clean-up, 
or both :)

Fun and Games: 
We are planning to have an SCA White Elephant Gift Exchange.  If you would like 
to participate, bring a wrapped SCA-type item.  There will be a Two-Steal limit 
on this exchange.
If you bring a child, please bring a wrapped gift for YOUR child with his or her 
name on it.  The gifts will be handed out and the children allowed to open them 
during the event.
We are also having a Raffle.  Each person attending the event will receive one 
raffle ticket for free.  If you would like to better your chances at winning the 
raffle items, you will have the option to purchase extra raffle tickets for 
$1.00 per ticket.   If you are able to donate an item to be used as a prize for 
the raffle, please contact Jen and Kat at jmhartlove at yahoo.com.  Having a 
plethora of prizes will only help us raise money for Hellsgate ... so donate 
something awesome!!! 

Please try to bring finger foods.  Period food is great, but not required.  We 
would like the emphasis to be on celebrating the joyousness of the holidays and 
not adding to holiday stress.
We are lucky enough to have been able to borrow a nice matched set of dishes to 
use for the buffet table, thereby minimizing the misplacement of personal 
Please e-mail Jen and Kat at jmhartlove at yahoo.com to let us know what you are 
planning to bring, so that we do not end up with 20 veggie trays. Jen would be 
happy with 20 veggie trays, but the rest of the guests are not so easily 

Jen and Kat of the Raper Clan ... very excited!!!


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