[Hellsgate] SCHEDULE CHANGE: Crucible event - May 14, 2011

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Tue Oct 19 12:49:33 PDT 2010

My gut says April would be a better move. Because of cooler weather  
and the fact that we would not be the weekend before crown.
1. If it is hot we will only get hard core fighters. And less of the  
general populace ( artisons and rapier fighters)

2. If crown is quite a distance it will draw more of peoples' money  
which would cause a reduction in attendance. Larger groups and more  
popular event would not feel this effect as much. We have a small  
group with an unproven event.


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On Oct 19, 2010, at 11:22 AM, Liam Gordon  
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> Yes, it may be hotter in June, but the plus side to that is if we  
> bill it as a let's get folks ready for crown, we may have a much  
> BIGGER turn out, and more than likely Crown presence...
> Liam
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:09 AM, Ruiz <ruizhorde at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am for the end of April. Cool weather and June starts vacations  
> and saving money for vacations. Remember how fighter practice and  
> the social gathering is effected.
> Mel
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> Good morning, y'all....
> Below is a letter I just got from Her Grace, Duchess Conal.
> Right now, we have two or three options.
> Option the first-  Pout, stomp our collective feet and pull the event.
> Please note:  This is NOT the option I want to pick.  Honestly, I
> think the way we handle this will say a lot aobut us.  :-D
> Option the second-  Move the event to the end of April.  This is Her
> Grace's suggestion.  We'll have cooler weather and may not run into
> the problem of brides picking all the really good sites for May
> weddings.
> Option the third-  Move to the first weekend in June.  Make this a
> dress rehearsal for Crown, and play it up big that way.  "Will the
> next Heir be formed in the fires of Hellsgate's Crucible???"  Granted,
> we may end up on the field of honor with Bridezillas, dueling at 40
> paces with marshmallow catapults, but I think we could do it.
> My preferences are as follows:  Three, two, one.  :-)
> Please let me know ASAP, as I'd like to get this on the calendar  
> today.
> In service to Country and Crown,
> Lady Helene Dalassene
> Seneschal
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> Subject: Crucible event - May 14, 2011
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> Greetings,
> The BoD will be holding their Spring 2011 meeting in Houston on 4/16,
> the day of Coronation.  So unfortunately, the best weekend to move
> Coronation is May 14th.  The weekends of 4/16 & 4/30 will be open.
> Namron is running Beltane on 4/30 so that would be a good weekend for
> Crucible.  4/16 is open but you won't get Crown attendance.  5/22 will
> be Queens Champion and a lot of BG will be going to that, and again
> there would be no Crown presence at your event.
> Let me know your preference.
> Sorry for the inconvenience,
> Conal
> Seneschal Ansteorra
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