[Hellsgate] SCHEDULE CHANGE: Crucible event - May 14, 2011

Liam Gordon cenliamgordon2005 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 15:08:27 PDT 2010

Greetings to the List and All on the email,

Please accept my apologies if my email from earlier came across as pushy,
that was not the intent.

Helene's email states "Please let me know ASAP, as I'd like to get this on
the calendar today."  That says to me put our opinions out there a we'll
talk and get this figured out.  Granted, it prolly won't be decided today,
but she asked for everyone's input.

Helene also posted the following information to the list:

With some concerns about weather, I've been poking around
www.wunderground.com to get an idea of what temps might be like in
late April vs. early June.

For April 30, 2006-2010:  The average high was 81, the average low 62.
 The record high was 93 (2002) and the record low was 46 degrees

April 30, 2006:  Mean Temperature 68 °F
Max Temperature 86 °F
Min Temperature 50 °F

2007:  Mean Temperature 68 °F
Max Temperature 71 °F
Min Temperature 64 °F

2008:Mean Temperature 70 °F
Max Temperature 82 °F
Min Temperature 57 °F

2009:  Mean Temperature 78 °F  -
Max Temperature 86 °F
Min Temperature 69 °F

2010: Mean Temperature 78 °F  -
Max Temperature 84 °F
Min Temperature 73 °F

For June 3, 2006 to 2010, the average high was 88 degrees and the
average low was 68.  The record high was 96 degrees (1998) and the low
was 64 degrees (2004).

June 3, 2006: Mean Temperature 78 °F  -
Max Temperature 91 °F
Min Temperature 66 °F

2007: Mean Temperature 80 °F  -
Max Temperature 91 °F
Min Temperature 68 °F

2008:  Mean Temperature 86 °F  -
Max Temperature 96 °F
Min Temperature 75 °F

2009: Mean Temperature 78 °F  -
Max Temperature 89 °F
Min Temperature 66 °F

2010:  Mean Temperature 70 °F  -
Max Temperature 75 °F
Min Temperature 66 °F

Right now, Kingdom is going to end up taking the date that we have on the
Calendar for Coronation.  That blows but we can deal.  Will June be a little
warmer?  Yes.  But looking at all of the historical weather data, not by
much.  AND, if we get the list started at a decent time, would could have it
over by 1300ish (notice the "ish").

Two main reasons why I am in favor of the June date...

1- There is nothing close to us on that weekend event wise.  Yes, Steppes is
the weekend before.  But, with enough advertising that won't be a problem.
(See #2)

2- If we go with the June weekend for the event, we're just over a month
away from Crown Tourny.  We could bill Commanders' Crucible something like
this... "Will you take your chances and brave the fires of Commanders'
Crucible to be the next Crown of Ansteorra" or something along those lines.
This would bring Crown presence (hopefully) which in turn will bring more
people to the event.  If we can get the right site with a building that has
AC, that will help with the Artisans and those who don't like being outside
in the heat (His Excellency was the original suggestor of June).

Realize that, although I am on fire about the June date, that doesn't mean
that I am not willing to listen to other's opinions, nor does it mean I am
not flexible.

In Service,

Centurion Liam Gordon
Knights Marshal

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