[Hellsgate] Winter Crown Bid?

Ronald Blackman eirik at hot.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 05:31:05 PDT 2011

I agree with Mel some what. I'd say, let's wait until after our first event and see if we get Queen's. The bid doesn't have to be in until September. If you want to work up the bid and propose it to the group with all the information after Hotter than Hellsgate is over, then do so. I don't want to see us burn out by doing too much and trying to keep that level up all the time. If we don't get Queens, Then I'm all for doing Crown. 

On Aug 6, 2011, at 11:15 PM, Ruiz <ruizhorde at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am not for this! My reasons are: We have Hotter than Hellsgate, Queens, and June event with Bryn Gwlad having several in between all these and we have already been asked what we can do to help them with coronation and possible Kings Round table. 

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