[Hellsgate] Winter Crown Bid?

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This is not a good idea.  As Mel has stated we are working on overloading ourselves as a stronghold.  We must remember that we are a "Stronghold" and not a Barony.  We simply do not have the resources and people to take on so many events and not pay a physical or mental price for it.  I will say that Dawn and I will need at least a week to recover from Hotter than Hellsgate.  Additionally, as winter approaches we must remember that families will be taking trips for the holidays and out of the loop.  And though there is a chance the following will rub someone wrong, we must also consider whether we are doing an event for the right reasons, i.e. to enchance the SCA, to have fun, because we enjoy doing events, all the positive things.  We shouldn't try to make a name for the Stronghold by carrying the weight of too many events on our shoulders.  

Mistress Mel,  you have our full agreement on what you have shared.  

Baby Stronghold, Baby steps, lets take it slow and work within our means and capabilities

Humbly written

Robert Westrynneman
Robert West

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I am not for this! My reasons are: We have Hotter than Hellsgate, Queens, and June event with Bryn Gwlad having several in between all these and we have already been asked what we can do to help them with coronation and possible Kings Round table. I know other members are involved with other events through out the year , example would be Kingdom Arts and Science.  We have a core group of about 10 workers with fringe player. We need to spend some time on building our core and becoming a cohesive group not worrying about burn out. If our core group was bigger and more stable maybe. Instead of focusing on another event lets focus on going to an event and camping as Hellsgate, as our Stronghold which is still new and needs nurturing. As a group lets have fun at other events instead of working back to back events.
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Greetings to the list!

I’m wondering if there is any interest in bidding for Winter Crown Tourney,
or if that will be coming too close on the heels of Queen’s Champion,
providing we win that bid?

I would be willing to autocrat or co-autocrat, and I can check with Eule to
see if Castleton is available if there’s any interest.

Thank you!
Helene Dalassene

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