[Hellsgate] Thank you to those of the event Hotter than HellsGate

dawn dawnwest at hot.rr.com
Wed Aug 17 13:59:00 PDT 2011

Greetings to the lists!

Hotter than Hells Gate on Aug 13th, 2011 showed such devotion, skill, and
excellence that none who were present could sustain their awe and admiration
to those who rose to the challenge.  Above all others these four competitors
rose like fiery phoenixs in brilliance to lead by example in the fires of
the SCA dream:

Duke Hoegaarden the victor of the Chivalric Tourney
Lord Lorenzo of Bryn Gwlad victor of the Rapier Tourney
Lady Katla the victor of the A & S competition
Shannon the victor of the Bardic competition

There can be none who could deny the bravery and heart that were examples by
which all others can follow to a personal state of excellence.

Under the watchful and attentive eyes of Their Excellencies, Lord and Lady
Hells Gate legends were born from the fires that threaten to exhaust the
best of souls.   These fine four will forever be remembered for their
personal best and skills displayed Aug 13th at Hotter than HellsGate.

I am overwhelmed with joy to have had the opportunity to have seen the many
dreams come true during this event.

The glory of the fire of the SCA dream was in full flame, roaring with
spirit and enthusiasm.  My fires have been made greater because of all of
those who attended and added their embers to the glory of the dream this
past Saturday.  

I witnessed courage rise in the hearts of Shannon and CJ who rode forth to
perform in their first competitions.  I witnessed young artisans such as
Johanna, CJ, and Arian, who took on the challenge and built their confidence
in leading and teaching their first instructional classes.   I witnessed a
renewed belief in the SCA dream from Lord Erik, Lady Alexandre, Lady Bridget
 Lord Brandu, Robert and Myself as the gathering of the events participants
brought their dreams and skills with them to contribute to the event. 
Watching the dream renew itself and the dancing fires of hope become
brighter is a gift I will not soon allow to fade in my heart and mind.   I
witnessed recognition of Mistress Melicinda and Lord Timur that has been
hard earned and dreamed for.   I witnessed an excellence in feast
organization in Lady Katla who even with an injured knee found the courage
and strength to give to others to selflessly that her own hardships melted
and became a driving force to give even more to the joy and celebration of

My words will never measure up to the payment and recognition that is
deserved.  May my eyes and heartfelt tears, my love, and my warm hugs with
each time I once again encounter all of you I had the pleasure to meet,
always remind you of the fullness and gratefulness of my heart and soul.   I
am as the elephant.  I do not forget a kindness, a courageous deed, a
heartfelt sacrifice,, nor a chilvalric action and gesture.

To my favored people, the Barony of BrynGwlad and Hells Gate, I salute you,
my steed bows to you, my soul flys for you.  I am forever at your service
and hope that my service to you will always be worthy of the service you
have so graciously and willingly gave to me.

Lord and Lady Hells Gate,  my heart is born anew in your guidance and grace.
 I am yours should ever you need me.

To those whose names are unknown to me that did not enjoy your time at the
event or felt alone and seperated,  I have failed you, for I should have
seen you and embraced you, brought you into the event with a smile and joy. 
Know that this is unacceptable to my heart and I ache to reach you and make
right the wrong of my indifference.   I tell  you now, that I am most sorry
for failing you.  If you can find it in your hearts to speak with me on the
matter in the future, I will ensure that you know how much I appreciate your
presence, your thoughts, and your dreams.  If you will give me a chance, I
will do what I can to make this mishap and injustice up to you.  You are the
dream I have failed to bring into my life and heart.  Hotter than HellsGate
was your event too, and because you did not feel the dream there, I owe you
the most sincere of appologies.  I ask you give me the honor I failed to
give you and allow me to get to you know you and make this different,
however a dime and a doller late.  You matter to me.  I do not need to know
your name now, to know I can known your name and dreams if you will give me
another chance to know them in the future.   You Matter!

Your humbled and speechless servant,

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