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You seem to post the same question Daria needed to discuss. Several people 
showed up at social believing we were going to discuss them there. So I guess 
you would need to speak with Daria to see where everything is at this time. 
There are people waiting to help and just need to be asked to do a certain job. 
With experience running events in the past most time it is best to ask people to 
do things rather that wait for someone to volunteer. Most people aren't trying 
to not work, they just don't know where they would fit in. So if you ask someone 
to do a job most will happily accept. 

This list is rarely active so the best place to discuss, ask for help, inform, 
would be a Hellsgate functions, fighter practice or social where you are face to 

Events and demos are rarely ran by one person so it doesn't matter whose name is 
signed on the autocrat warrant there are many involved. I do believe as long as 
communication is flowing both ways this will be a huge sucess and hopefully new 
members. I am glad to see you back in the loop and focused because right after 
this demo we have another demo that is gearing up to be pretty big also.
With the core group we have I see both being a huge sucess.


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Greetings to the List,

Seeing how I've been out of the loop for awhile now due to work and life, I
haven't been able to stay abreast of much happenings in Hellsgate.  Right
now, my main focal point is the Solado Demo.  How is that coming along?  Are
we going to have an information point set up?  How goes the equestrian side
of the house?  Are we going to have flyers?  I'm asking these questions
because I haven't seen much out there on the list about the Demo.

Unfortunately, due to work, Ioannes nor I will be able to attend.  I am
hoping that this goes well and that we're able to make this successful...
Regardless of who is running the event...!  If you have concerns or
comments, feel free to email me here on the list or in private...

In Service,


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