[Hellsgate] Post Mortem for BG Championships

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 16:19:22 PDT 2011

I'd like to ask my staff for this event as well as anyone with constructive
input to come to an after event meeting at La Madeleine's at Duval and 183
at 7:00 on Wednesday night.

If you were on staff and cannot make it, please email me your critiques,
comments, and ideas privately and I will compile them and bring them up to
the production staff in a consolidated format.

Also, this is the first call for RECEIPTS.  Please make sure your receipts
explicitly indicate WHO you are, WHAT you had to buy, and HOW MUCH it cost.
 If you are turning in more than one receipt it may behoove you to print a
short list to go along with them in an envelope.

Specifically, I would like to at least get written feedback from these
people in the areas they were most associated and responsible:

Gate- Lady Renee
Site- Goldweard
Decor and Setup- Tomas and Sharon
Tear down- Maelgwyn
MiC- Lazlo
Waterbearing- Diane
Feast- Sabina, Avery, Sosha, and Melissenda
Scribes and scrolls- Alicia
Children- Juliet
Prizes- Zacharria, Jovian, and Sabina
Transportation- Connor
Hill- Wilhelm and Alfred
Archery- Dante
Rapier- Martin and Cealleach
Chivalric- Ysfael
A&S- Jovian
Equestrian- Ariella, Eule, and Gideon
Chirurgeon- Croaker
Mentorship- Eule and Isabella

Sir Dieterich
BGC Steward

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