[Hellsgate] Post Mortem for BG Championships

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 11:07:16 PDT 2011

Okay, that's four in a row who want to attend but can't because of schedule

I'm going to push the meeting date back to the 5th of October... NEXT
WEDNESDAY.  Same time and location... 7 pm at La Madeleines.

If you can't make it but have input please email me a uilleted list and it
will be addressed.


Sir D.

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 6:19 PM, Casey Weed <seoseaweed at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'd like to ask my staff for this event as well as anyone with constructive
> input to come to an after event meeting at La Madeleine's at Duval and 183
> at 7:00 on Wednesday night.
> If you were on staff and cannot make it, please email me your critiques,
> comments, and ideas privately and I will compile them and bring them up to
> the production staff in a consolidated format.
> Also, this is the first call for RECEIPTS.  Please make sure your receipts
> explicitly indicate WHO you are, WHAT you had to buy, and HOW MUCH it cost.
>  If you are turning in more than one receipt it may behoove you to print a
> short list to go along with them in an envelope.
> Specifically, I would like to at least get written feedback from these
> people in the areas they were most associated and responsible:
> Gate- Lady Renee
> Site- Goldweard
> Decor and Setup- Tomas and Sharon
> Tear down- Maelgwyn
> MiC- Lazlo
> Waterbearing- Diane
> Feast- Sabina, Avery, Sosha, and Melissenda
> Scribes and scrolls- Alicia
> Children- Juliet
> Prizes- Zacharria, Jovian, and Sabina
> Transportation- Connor
> Hill- Wilhelm and Alfred
> Archery- Dante
> Rapier- Martin and Cealleach
> Chivalric- Ysfael
> A&S- Jovian
> Equestrian- Ariella, Eule, and Gideon
> Chirurgeon- Croaker
> Mentorship- Eule and Isabella
> Sir Dieterich
> BGC Steward

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