[Hellsgate] Commander's Crucible

Dave Goldie missinglink at phulesgold.com
Thu Jul 12 15:14:57 PDT 2012

To the populace of Hellsgate, I send greetings.


Since I threw my name into the hat to be the event steward for Commanders'
Crucible 2013 (thank you Stephen for backing me up), I thought I would throw
out some things I have been thinking about concerning the event.


First, the timing of the event is not the best.  We know that it is
scheduled in conflict with Lillies War which draws folks out of the area.
Additionally, the heat is an issue.  What would everyone say to moving the
event to the fall?  The last weekend of October is a possibility as the only
thing scheduled that weekend is in Lawton, Oklahoma.


Second, I would like everyone's thoughts on changing the event from a
camping event (which we had very few people aside from Hellsgate camping) to
a long one day with a feast and an after fighting revel?


Last, I want to move the event to a site here in the Hellsgate area.  I
thank the Barony for allowing the event on Camp Mabry, but I think it would
have more of a feel of being a Hellsgate event if it was held on Hellsgate


I want to get ideas before I go to the populace with an official
recommendation and confirm the possibility of me being the steward.



In Service,

Lord Coenred



*NOTE* Please notice the correct spelling of my name.  Thank you.

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