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I as well should be able to come out. I will bring all my stuff. We can use my heavy kit for loaner if we decide to put people in armor. If not it can sit on the table inside or outside. I will be out as soon as work is done to help set up and the like. 

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At 04:25 PM 7/24/2012, you wrote:
>Greetings,  Here is the info for the Geekfest Demo (so far)
>Dates:  17 and 18 August 2012
>Times: Friday - 6pm - 10pm
>           Saturday - 12pm - 10pm
>Location: CTC Planetarium, Killeen Texas
>The college will supply one table for our displays.
>We have a option of a classroom with AC. This would restrict the 
>fighting demos.  An outdoor site where we can do everything, however 
>this might require set up and tear down each day. Or we can use the 
>classroom for our static displays and hold fighting demos outside. 
>Which if we give them a schedule they will announce for us.  That 
>way the fighters can fight in the heat but recover in AC.
>I have to have the final decision to them NLT the 2nd of 
>August.  Myself, I would say the classroom with the fighting demos outside.
>I do need to get a somewhat accurate number of people, fighters, 
>presenters etc that wish to participate. That way it will be easier 
>to plan the fight demos and find out what numbers of presenters they 
>can work with.
>Yours in Service
>Lord Eric Bentbow

I have to work on Friday, but could be available all day on Saturday 
for rapier fighting, marshalling (either field) or talking about the 
SCA at the table. I can bring up some pieces of armor (helm, 
gauntlets, mail shirt and coif) for a hands-on display.

Would there be enough space in the classroom for dancing?

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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