ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

John Ruble jruble at
Thu Feb 12 15:02:33 PST 1998

> AElfwyn said:
> Please expound--do you mean that they were simply something someone
> started doing without any nods from royalty rather than an award?
> I've
> only been reading British practice--which, unless I'm missing
> something,
> started keeping track of arms fairly early and only allowed people to
> display them if awarded the arms by the crown, right?
In very early period, this is true.  The nobility knew a good thing when
they saw it, and started "granting" arms to individuals.  An earl could
grant arms as easily as a king or a prince.  The difference was when it
came to a conflict between two sets of arms. The rank of the granter,
not the grantee, decided which was more valid.  Before long, arms were
considered to be granted by the king, since arms granted by him had the
highest clout attached.

Except in England, of course, where some college thought they had more
authority than the crowns... oops. That's too close to home...

- -Ulf
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