ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

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Thu Feb 12 15:10:48 PST 1998

Aelfwyn wrote about British practice.  Yes, there was royal
control of armory in late period -- heraldic visitations,
where you had to show a grant or a long period of continuous
use.  Garter also started making grants at some point in

In contrast, France never had a royal college of arms.  If you
wanted arms, you just did it.

(Writing about "british practice" is a bit touchy.  England
and Scotland have never had a unified heraldic structure,
and there are differences in how they work and what their
rules are.  Scottish practice is even stronger than English
- -- Lyon King of Arms has no compunctions about hauling
people into his court for unlicensed armoury, but England
hasn't had a heraldic enforcement case in centuries except
for the Manchester case in 1954.)

Daniel de Lincolia
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