ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

John Ruble jruble at
Thu Feb 12 16:05:55 PST 1998

Daniel spumed:
> Do you have any evidence of nobles granting arms?  Also,
Yes.  I'll try to find my notes from those books I couldn't afford.  A
very enlightening history of heraldry...

> > The rank of the granter,
> > not the grantee, decided which was more valid.
> Excuse me?  When there were courts of chivalry, there were
Same sources.  Three separate cases were cited as examples.  And it
makes sense too... If Prince Abner and Comte Beuford each had granted
"Vert and ermine, a Big Bird Or" to their favorite hanger-on, who gets
the arms?  Each new armiger would say, "Hey. Don't ask me. Take it up
with my liege..."

> > Except in England, of course, where some college thought
> > they had more authority than the crowns... oops. That's
> > too close to home...
> Excuse me?!?  Garter is under the Earl Marshal is under the
> Sovereign.  The Earl Marshal can give orders, and the Crown
> can too as part of the perogative (tho usually on the advise
> of the Home Minister).  What examples can you adduce of the
> English College of Arms ignoring the Crown?
Ahem! "Closed Captioned for the Humor Impaired"...

- -Ulf, (or +Ulf, or <>Ulf, or...)

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