ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Thu Feb 12 15:48:09 PST 1998

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> Ulf wrote:
> > The rank of the granter,
> > not the grantee, decided which was more valid.
> Daniel responded: 
> Excuse me?  When there were courts of chivalry, there were
> various factors involved.  The famous Scrope vs. Grovenor
> case had political implications (Scrope being powerful with
> the king), and neither set of arms were granted by anyone.
> > Except in England, of course, where some college thought
> > they had more authority than the crowns... oops. That's
> > too close to home...
> Excuse me?!?  Garter is under the Earl Marshal is under the
> Sovereign.  The Earl Marshal can give orders, and the Crown
> can too as part of the perogative (tho usually on the advise
> of the Home Minister).  What examples can you adduce of the
> English College of Arms ignoring the Crown?

I don't suppose there was a period equivalent to bear-baiting called
"herald-baiting"?  I haven't done it intentionally, but it sure can be
an amusing sport to watch ;)

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