ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

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Mon Feb 16 09:23:44 PST 1998

Thanks for the cites, Ulf!  (John Ruble <jruble at>)

> "It is useful to have a grant of arms from a prince,
> because they are thereby publicised and cannot be
> prohibited by another.  They are also of greater dignity
> and, if two men bear the same arms, the preference is
> given to him who had them from a prince."
> [assumed arms]
> "cannot be of such dignity or authority as those which are daily
> bestowed by the authority of Princes or lords."
> So you see, both period sources speak of nobles other than the king
> granting arms, and of the rank of the granter deciding whose were more
> valid.

Not necessarily.  I read it as saying that assumed arms are
not as noble as granted arms, without saying anything about
what would be done in granted-arms conflicts.

Realize that heraldic tracts had stuff that needs to be
taken with a grain of salt.  E.g., the systems of abatements
of arms seems to be fantasy (with perhaps one example of
actual use).  Nevertheless, you've shown that at least the
idea of nobles granting arms was current in the Middle Ages.

I still wonder where it was done, by whom, and how often.  I
might have to ... *research* it or something ...  Gosh, what
an awful lot of work.

Daniel de Lincolia
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