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Wed Jun 3 01:50:56 PDT 1998

> As to using two colors in the livery charges you must remember there are only
> one set of colors to use.

Respectfully disagree.
Although, for submissions sake, there should only be one set of hues used
in armory, for livery the precise colour values of the tinctures used can
vary widely.  My lord prefers a lighter blue than the Crayola version.  His
submission form went in with Crayola blue, his device will be painted in a
paler blue.  I sent mine in using paper white for argent.  In practice,
it's a sharp metallic silver.  Personal hue preference is extremely common
in period practice and very noticable in these current middle ages.
Which is precisely as it should be.  (Barring nasty things like lime green,

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