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> Since these are the colors of the field in his arms, I feel that there
> is good
> precedence that they are of sufficent contrast,
> umm
> Daniel de Omaha, I mean Lincoln.  Yeah that's it.

Nice try, Your Majesty.

I know your arms.  But you have a simple line of division between the 
vert and the purpure, which means anything goes.  Livery is a complex 
line of division of multiple parts, because of all the loopy frou-frou. 
 Though, to be honest, we are not judging Ansteorran Achievements by the 
same standards as we judge Armory, and thus we can get away with a few 
things.  I'd just like to define what those things are.

Still, the Rules for Submission should at least be examined. Let us 
consult the book of Armaments, part 8. Brother Maynard? ......

Part VIII - Compatible Armorial Style
2. Armorial Contrast - All armory must have sufficient contrast to allow 
each element of the design to be clearly identifiable at a distance. Each 
tincture used in Society armory may be depicted in a variety of shades. 
Therefore, contrast is not determined by the lightness or darkness of the 
tinctures on the submitted emblazon, but by the traditional heraldic 
categorization of tinctures as colors and metals. The colors are azure, 
gules, purpure, sable, and vert (blue, red, purple, black, and 
.....b.Contrast Requirements -
iii. Elements evenly divided into two parts, per saltire, or quarterly 
may use any two tinctures or furs. For example, a field quarterly could 
be composed of azure and gules, argent and Or, Or and ermine, or vert and 
vairy gules and argent.
(This is why your Per Bend Purpure and Vert, etc... passed)
iv. Elements evenly divided into multiple parts of two different 
tinctures must have good contrast between their parts. For example, 
checky argent and gules is acceptable, but checky azure and gules is not.
And this why two-color livery would fail, on Arms.
Livery that was black and blue might be appropriate for some of us 
(especially after His Majesty gets hold of me), but it would obviously 
not be "of sufficient contrast".  I thought a precedent had been set by 
Laurel some time ago about two-color fields and complex lines of division 
on Arms, and that it clearly stated which tinctures had sufficient 
contrast in that situation.  I was hoping to use it as a guideline for 
Achievement livery.

Does anyone know where I can look for such a precedent? Online preferred? 
 I'd like to formalize the rules for achievement submission before HM 
submits his.

Ulf, Stellar Scroll

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