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>Greetings --
>	Herewith are the results of the College of Heralds meeting held at Namron
>Beltane on May 9. Please note that no decision can be considered final
>until it has appeared in the Ansteorran Gazette.
>4) Alix Sigri von Ravensburg
>	Name – forwarded to Laurel as "Alix von Ravensburg." With the submittor’s
>permission, we have dropped the undocumentable second give name.
>	Device – returned for conflict with Frederick of Feoliddwyn, "Per chevron
>sable and argent, a pale ermine."  There is only one CD for the changes to
>the field.

I don't understand how these conflict.  There is no visual similarity
except for the pale.  One has a field divided - the other has only a
field. One has only one color - the other has a color and a metal.  They
are not visually similar.

>9) Esther Anne Wright 
>	Device – forwarded to Laurel with the blazon changed to "Per saltire Or
>and argent, four frogs heads outward azure."

If I had to draw this from the discription there would only be frogs
heads and no bodies (yeah, I know. Gramatically that would be frog heads.

>13) Hugh fitz Maynard 
>	Device – returned for violating a Laurel precedent from 3/93 indicating
>that game boards must be drawn as delfs with the game markings on them
>rather than as simply lines on the field (which makes them thin-line

I don't understand this. Possibly because I can't find the word "delfs"
in my dictionary.  

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