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Wed May 13 21:41:36 PDT 1998

HL Larkin O'Kane wrote:

> >4) Alix Sigri von Ravensburg
> >       Name – forwarded to Laurel as "Alix von Ravensburg." With the submittor’s
> >permission, we have dropped the undocumentable second give name.
> >       Device – returned for conflict with Frederick of Feoliddwyn, "Per chevron
> >sable and argent, a pale ermine."  There is only one CD for the changes to
> >the field.
> I don't understand how these conflict.  There is no visual similarity
> except for the pale.  One has a field divided - the other has only a
> field. One has only one color - the other has a color and a metal.  They
> are not visually similar.

Because there is only one CD for all changes to the field  --  a rule I've bumped
into a number of times and still don't agree with.

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