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>And if, instead of the pale (an ordinary) it was any of the "peripheral
>ordinaries" [chief, bordure, base, quarter, canton, gyron, orle, double
>tressure, flaunches ]  there would be two CDs for the differences in the

Two CDs are granted for changes to the field only in cases of field-only or
field-primary armory. Armory that has only a peripheral ordinary is
considered field-primary armory. This rule results in the oddity Larkin is

I'm glad we have the new field-only rules as they help register simple
devices. I also like RfS X.2 which makes any simple armory that has a
complete difference of primary charge clear of conflict. However, I would
like to see these rules extended and two CDs granted for changes to the
field in simple cases (like Alix's device).

Actually, if I'm going to be really honest, I'd say that the SCA is way too
worried about conflict and we should consider one CD to be sufficient
difference (except in cases of identical fieldless badges which technically
already have one CD).


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