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>  I think that, in deference to their age, this leaves another award which 
> be granted later.

I was told that this is *exactly* why the award was instituted -- as a way to 
recognize our younger members with something unique, without running out of 
official awards "too soon."  (There's a horror story about a member who 
became a Laurel at 18 which was told in support of the concept.)

BTW, the household cannot grant us permission to conflict:  designators are 
null, so House Rising Star is a complete repeat of Award of the Rising Star.  
They would have to transfer the whole name to us, but the recent transfer 
would indicate that they still use it and want it.

And the (Circle of the?) Ascending Star was a principality order before 
Ansteorra became a Kingdom.  People who hold the award are still active, and 
reusing an old award for a new meaning would be a Bad Idea, anyway, IMHO.

Kathri, Asterisk

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