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Sun Dec 5 08:55:04 PST 1999

- --- Kathri at wrote:
> In a message dated 12/3/1999 4:40:20 PM Central Standard Time, 
> darin_herndon at writes:
> BTW, the household cannot grant us permission to conflict: 
> designators are 
> null, so House Rising Star is a complete repeat of Award of the
> Rising Star.  
> They would have to transfer the whole name to us, but the recent
> transfer 
> would indicate that they still use it and want it.

But, wouldn't we be looking to register "Award of the Rising Star of
Ansteorra" not just "Award of the Rising Star"?  I'm 99% sure that
adding a branch name to the end is a valid way to register a name with
permission to conflict, after all that is the entire concept behind the
White Scarf Treaty was to allow other kingdoms to register the "Order
of the White Scarf of X". Right?

If I'm not loopy at the moment, I'm pretty sure the scroll currently
reads "the Award of the Rising Star of Ansteorra" anyway.

Timothy of Glastonbury

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