ANSTHRLD - Newbie question - "An Heraldic Alphabet"

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Wed Dec 8 08:16:49 PST 1999

>I'm not certain anyone knows.  A few months back the asterisks
>were discussed on SCAHRLDS, and we couldn't figure it out, either.
>Congratulations on the find!
>(Someone want to cover the inaccuracies for Andre?  I've forgotten
>which they are.)

If someone does this, could you please post the summary to this list.  I've
had Brooke-Little for about 10 years and haven't heard of more that one or
two inaccuracies.  (Of course, I've had my nose in the name books....
Hmm... a list of inaccuracies in Withycombe might be in order...)

By the way, the last time I was in my local Half Price Books, they had a
bunch of copies of this for about $5.  So this is the time for groups and
individuals to grab a copy if they don't have one!  


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