ANSTHRLD - Newbie question - "An Heraldic Alphabet"

Rod Jackson culn97 at
Thu Dec 9 12:36:29 PST 1999

Greetings, All,

I don't have anything in my library (or at least not
much).  I need to build it and have limited funds. 
Could someone post a list of books that would be
useful.  I see references to "Withecomb" etc. all the
time but really don't know what you are talking about.
 Also a list of bummer books would be very helpful, so
I don't waste the limited resources on works of
limited value.

Thank you,


- --- Kathleen O'Brien <kobrien at> wrote:
> If someone does this, could you please post the
> summary to this list.  I've
> had Brooke-Little for about 10 years and haven't
> heard of more that one or
> two inaccuracies.  (Of course, I've had my nose in
> the name books....
> Hmm... a list of inaccuracies in Withycombe might be
> in order...)
> By the way, the last time I was in my local Half
> Price Books, they had a
> bunch of copies of this for about $5.  So this is
> the time for groups and
> individuals to grab a copy if they don't have one!  
> Mari
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