ANSTHRLD - Newbie question - "An Heraldic Alphabet"

Riane de Cygne rianed at
Thu Dec 9 15:36:13 PST 1999

Cullinn wrote:
>I don't have anything in my library (or at least not
>much).  I need to build it and have limited funds.
>Could someone post a list of books that would be
>useful.  I see references to "Withecomb" etc. all the
>time but really don't know what you are talking about.
>  Also a list of bummer books would be very helpful, so
>I don't waste the limited resources on works of
>limited value.


I too am a newbie with limited resources. I have a copy of "Ansteorran 
Branch Heraldry 101" that I got from Lorraine. It contains a list of books 
to use and to avoid. You can obtain a copy from your regional herald. 
Hopefully this will be of some help to you .
                                                   Riane de Cygne
                                                   Ffynnon Gath

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