ANSTHRLD - Coronation consultation

Wendy Erisman wendye2 at
Tue Dec 28 11:25:45 PST 1999

Greetings --

	We have scheduled a full-service consultation table for the upcoming
Coronation (Saturday, Jan. 15, at Sokol Hall in Ennis, TX). We will open at
10 AM and be open throughout the day except during courts. We will close
before feast is served. This schedule is purposefully vague because of the
achedule fluctuations that happen at every Coronation.

	Name and armory consultants, heraldic artists, and general assistants are
needed. If you think you will be able to help, please contact me at
wendye2 at and let me know what you would like to do so
that I can make sure all areas will be covered. 

						In Service, Gwenllian

HL Gwenllian ferch Maredudd, Armillary Herald
Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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