ANSTHRLD - Webbed Index of Ansteorran Submissions

Teceangl tierna at
Sun Feb 14 21:27:38 PST 1999

> Anyone want to look at and tell me what you
> think?  It's the Webbed version of my Index of Ansteorran Heraldic
> Submissions (1993-8).  It's an index, so it's a pointer to where to
> find stuff (docs, emblazons, acceptance / return text), not the stuff
> itself.  Unfortunately, most of it isn't on-line, so I could only do
> WWW links to Laurel letters.

I just went over it in lynx.  Beautiful!  Everything lines up, even,
which is a rarity when I go in textually.
I did find some quotes and periods together down the left column in
several of the "Data grouped by" sections, but don't know what they
were doing there.

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