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Mon Feb 22 13:19:23 PST 1999

At 03:09 PM 2/22/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Has anyone else besides Baroness Hillary and myself had a problem with
this month's Gazette?  Specifically, it showed up in the mail sans
innards!!  Nothing but the cover!!  Either the staples pulled out or the
sealing tape pulled loose... but it's as empty as a politician's promise.

Mine got to Bryn Gwlad in one piece.  But it was more beat up than normal.  

Does this mean the post office wants to learn heraldry?

Or maybe they've replaced the normal postal workers with the gorillas who
used to do the American Tourister luggage commercials?  I mean, even
gorillas gotta work!  :)

Seriously though, if no one down in your area got an intact copy, let me
know and I'll photocopy mine for you.


Lady Mari Elspeth nic Bryan
Bordure Herald, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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