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Tue Feb 23 08:27:33 PST 1999

The important issue should not be the medium by which the communication
travels, but the permanence of that medium.

Reports, applications, resignations, and notifications could all be sent by
e-mail; but good, hard copies would have to to be made and filed.  Of
course, if it's a matter of having an official signature ...... are these
really legal issues?  I mean, we're not even signing our 'legal' names to
these papers.

Submissions would still have to be handled through the mail.  But we should
consider asking that lengthy documentation be placed on disk too, so that
it doesn't have to be retyped. 

Of course, a listing of only 2 or 3 acceptable programs would have to be
made, preferably with cross-compatibility, in order for all of this to work.


At 08:22 AM 2/23/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Read the statement and give it some thought then let me know what you think.
>Policy statement presented at Westgate...
>"All items that of "formal communications" or "for the record" wil be
>submitted on paper. This will include report, applications for office,
>resignations from office, notification of warrent, and submissions.  E-mail
>and telephone will continue to be used for informal communication such as
>commentary, knowledge sharing, status queries and other day to day
>communications and coordination."
>Francois la Flamme, Star
>star at

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