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Tue Feb 23 08:55:35 PST 1999

Caelin on Andred writes:

>  You may set the parameters under which you are willing 
>  to work, but I would prefer to go the other direction 
>  except where a legal issue is involved. In particular, 
>  reports are _much_ easier to build and send via email 
>  than by hard copy and it is _much_ easier to extract 
>  from a report to you to build a report to your 
>  superior with email than with hard copy.

And Adela responds with:

>  Reports, applications, resignations, and notifications could all be sent by
>  e-mail; but good, hard copies would have to to be made and filed.

To which I reply:

I agree with Honorable Lord Star's decision regarding the use of hard copy
communications for official business.  Electronic correspondence has a
tendency to disappear on both sides.  (I myself am working on my third laptop
in a month's time and could not possibly retrieve information I mailed or
received a month ago.)  What we submit becomes part of the permanent records
of both the branch and kingdom files, and too often we (I stand guilty as
charged here) forget to print a hard copy of correspondence for the files.

In addition, not everyone in the College of Heralds has e-mail access, which
means for some of us even informal communications with our upline is done
through postal mail and telephone.  I think it's bad form to allow a formal
method of communication that some of us do not have access to.

Now, I also agree that e-mail is vastly more convenient and far less time
consuming, and personally I'd prefer that we were able to communicate
electronically all the time.  But I believe that permanence and consistency in
procedure is the best policy here.  Honorable Lord Star has, in my opinion,
spoken wisely.

In the College's service,
Lord Stephen macThomas
Pursuivant to the Canton of Gate's Edge
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