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Charlene Charette charlene at
Tue Feb 23 11:01:19 PST 1999

Timothy of Glastonbury wrote:

> I realize and accept that there are needs to keep paper copies of
> things.  So why not simply state that it is between you and your
> upline whether or not you allow an email'ed report?  That way your
> Regional (let's say for example) can decide wether or not he wants to
> be bothered with printing out copies (or is capable of) in exchange
> for the convinience to him of having it in an easily editable form.

Because in practice it doesn't work.  More often than not when files are
transferred they are missing all or most of any items that were emailed.  Heck,
for one regional office transfer the files consisted of little more than three
Gazettes.  If a person can't bother to send a hard copy of their application for
office how in the world can they be bothered to fill out court report and
submission forms.  This doesn't ban the use of email all-together, just for
official documents.

- --Perronnelle

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