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Amy Forsyth aforsyth at
Tue Feb 23 11:03:57 PST 1999

>Adela writes:
>Reports, applications, resignations, and notifications could all be
>sent by e-mail; but good, hard copies would have to to be made and filed.
Mari writes:
>If I were a local facing this
>situation, I would write my report in email and send it off.  Then I would
>print out a copy and drop it in the mail.  It doesn't have to look pretty,
>it just has to exist.  Also, I would put a copy in a file folder that goes
>with my local office.  Then, when I hand the office to a successor, they
>(1) have a record of what happened in case they are asked, and (2) will
>have a template to use when they have to write a report.  It's real easy
>when picking up an office to miss a detail of your job.  If you have
>examples to work from, then you are much less likely to miss something.

That's exactly what I did with Francois when he was my Regional and I was
pursuivant for Twr Cath.  I also sent a courtesy copy to Sentinal
(Stargate).  That copy was a hard copy because the herald either didn't
want to, or couldn't  receive it via e-mail.

Timothy writes:
>I realize and accept that there are needs to keep paper copies of
>things.  So why not simply state that it is between you and your
>upline whether or not you allow an email'ed report?  That way your
>Regional (let's say for example) can decide wether or not he wants to
>be bothered with printing out copies (or is capable of) in exchange
>for the convinience to him of having it in an easily editable form.

I have to agree with Timothy.  As long as the Local files a hard copy and
the Regional is willing to print out and file a hard copy (and both
actually do it), then there shouldn't be a problem with e-mailing reports.
The regionals just have to know that their higher-up doesn't want e-mailed

Also, snail mail doesn't guarentee that something will make it into the
files.  Some of the Stargate people may remember my angst when several
submissions went missing for about 6 months (even with a postcard being
returned).  Turns out they were buried under a large stack of papers.  If
the person is going to be responsible enough to file away snail mail,
they're going to be responsible enough to make a printout and file it away


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