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Tue Feb 23 13:57:54 PST 1999

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> Alisandre, ... yes, I do remember paper and envelopes.  I just
> ran out of embossed writing paper (monarch size, as the trade calls
> it) and I have a variety of seals and waxes.  I also note that cheap,
> fast e-mail and cheap long-distance calling means that I've had a LOT
> more contact with distant people (Laurel, in particular) than if I had
> to bother with those pesky envelopes.  My preferring it and you not
> preferring it neither makes me a stuck-up faddish technosnob nor makes
> you a neo-Luddite.

Oh, I use phones and e-mail, too, and love the conveniece. I just think the
convention of official correspondence being in hardcopy form is a minor
requirement, to have stirred up such a tempest in our electronic teacup. I mean,
it's not like anyone said _everything_ had to be on paper, or never to use

I wanted to remind children of the modern age that even if they have to deal
with submitting hardcopy, they still have it easier than even the fairly recent
past. What a luxury, the argument between printing something out from a word
processor versus sending it over the phone lines! Both are such labor-savers.

- --Alisandre

P.S.--Uh, what's a "Luddite"?

P.P.S.--What _does_ qualify you as a stuck-up faddish technosnob?  ; )

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