ANSTHRLD - Further clarification... Star has spoken!

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Tue Feb 23 13:31:11 PST 1999

Timothy, Retarius wrote on this list just yesterday that she prefers
all commentary in electronic form.  That very issue was brought up at
the plenary meeting and Star specifically said that electronic
commentary was fine (if for no other reason than that Star has to
sleep sometime).

Alisandre, "the big deal" for the case you're responding to is that
the recipient asked for electronic copies, as do most people who do
collation (e.g., I expect regionals would like electronic copies).  In
the general case: why, yes, I do remember paper and envelopes.  I just
ran out of embossed writing paper (monarch size, as the trade calls
it) and I have a variety of seals and waxes.  I also note that cheap,
fast e-mail and cheap long-distance calling means that I've had a LOT
more contact with distant people (Laurel, in particular) than if I had
to bother with those pesky envelopes.  My preferring it and you not
preferring it neither makes me a stuck-up faddish technosnob nor makes
you a neo-Luddite.

Daniel de Lincolia
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