ANSTHRLD - Further clarification... Star has spoken!

Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Tue Feb 23 13:21:28 PST 1999

Amanda Lewanski wrote:
> Timothy of Glastonbury wrote:
> > BTW, From Star's posted statement it would sound like we must submit
> > Gazette commentary in paper form.
> Could we all get over ourselves and go buy some envelopes? What's the big deal?

Umm, it's *not* a big deal re: official record-keeping stuff. It is a
big deal as to commentary (which is the specific point of the comment
you referred to and to which Star's ruling does not apply) as it would
require Peronnelle to retype all the commentary submitted--which can
constitute a major task.  There's no reason to create extra work in that

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