ANSTHRLD - Further clarification... Star has spoken!

Amanda Lewanski editor at
Tue Feb 23 12:35:25 PST 1999

Timothy of Glastonbury wrote:

> BTW, From Star's posted statement it would sound like we must submit
> Gazette commentary in paper form.

Dear, dear. Such inconvenience. You mean actually print something out, find an
envelope, address the damn thing, purchase a stamp, put it in the mailbox? Great
heavens, how primitive. We must be living in the Middle Ages.

Could we all get over ourselves and go buy some envelopes? What's the big deal?
Could I remind everyone who's upset about the "inconvenience" that up until ten
years ago people were (horrors) _writing_ their reports, or _typing_them on
arcane machines called typewriters? Do any of you remember _carbon paper_? Such
luxury, that the word "edit" no longer carries the auxiliary curse of "retype
the whole thing."

- --Alisandre Oliphant

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