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Fri Feb 26 21:28:06 PST 1999

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Darin K. Herndon <Obelisk at> wrote:
> Baroness Hillary recommended that I buy some adhesive tabs rather
> than using tape.

Oh, yes.  It's always quite easy to open the Black Star.  It's always
a struggle to open the AG.  Also, the taped page doesn't feed well
thru the copier ... not that I have to make personal copies any more,
but it could happen again.

> How many of you are receiving the Gazette for free and might be
> willing to pay a subscription (still not required) if you got a
> better cover?

You mean like those groups that have thousands upon thousands of
dollars in their treasuries but aren't willing to spring for a lousy
$12 subscription?

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