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Fri Feb 26 21:46:07 PST 1999

Darin K. Herndon wrote:

> Manfred, you are not alone.  The February issue of the Gazette was 11
> double-sided pages.  For those who are curious, at 6 pages (double-sided)
> is the weight dividing line between one ounce or less.  At 12 pages, I have
> to pay for a third ounce on postage.  This is the largest Gazette I have
> published since taking this office.  If any Gazette was going to have a
> problem, it would be this one.  Prior to reading the comments on the list,

Then the April Gazette is going to be a real problem.  I just did the collated
commentary for ILOI9901.  21 items x 11 commenters and group = 16 pages.  And
that's just the unannotated commentary.

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