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Sat Feb 27 22:02:21 PST 1999

(Of course, 5 minutes after mailing my mongo missive, I find that
Donal indeed started as internal submissions herald from Tostig's
tenure, as mentioned in T's first or second AG.  *sigh*)

This is from the July 1994 AG (Richard Silverdawn), page 2:

"It was decided at Fifteen Year to close The College of Heralds Bank
account and merge it with the Kingdom account. ...

"It was decided at the plenary meeting at Fifteen Year Celebration, in
consultation with the Kingdom Treasurer, that *we cannot continue to
send out the Gazette to all local groups free of charge*.  *Effective
with the September Gazette, local groups will be charged $12.00 a year
for the gazette*.  It was felt that most groups could afford to pay
for the gazette.  If your local group feels they cannot afford this
amount of money we will on a group by group basis see what
arrangements can be made.  Rhiannon has requested that all
subscriptions end on 12/31 for easier bookkeeping. ..."

Emphasis his.  I think the "arrangements" should be heraldic
interdict, but don't mind me, I'm just channelling Tadhg.  (By the
way, the "Rhiannon" referred to is Tostig's wife.)

Daniel de Lincolia
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