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> Heraldic Bingo - Sounds like fun... if someone has the cards and supplies
> ready, I can work on getting some prizes, or everyone participating can
> bring a prize as an entry fee (nothing expensive, please).   We could plan
> to do this as one of our evening activities.   Also, Regional Minister of
> Children, Roger of York, was working on a Heraldic Twister for the kids,
> but I told him the adults were definitely going to want to play.  And I am
> hoping to have sets of heraldic flash cards for purchase at the event with
> proceeds to the College of Heralds and College of Scribes... if I can get
> it put together for a resonable cost .. we have an 'in' with a manager of
> Kinko's, one of our new members whose assisting with the project.   Perhaps
> we can run a competition on the accuracy of the flash card competitors.
> Let me know what other games people will want to see at the Heraldic and
> Scribal Symposium in Feb. , and I will set it up, probably for after feast.
> Thanks for the ideas.. should be fun!   Hillary Greenslade, autocrat
> Westgate Winter Collegium 'A Heraldic and Scribal Symposium'.

Could we compare notes?  I'd love to add your ideas to the listing I'm 
putting together and make a real heraldic games site.

BTW, heraldic flash cards?  If these are basic blazonry stuff, then you
might consider a few rounds of Speed Blazon.  Caller holds up a card and
the first person to shout out the correct blazon gets a point.  It's loud
and chaotic and lots of fun.  You can also use same as caller cards for
heraldic bingo for a novice game.

Consider Heraldic Charades, a particularly evil game of my own devising.
Teams are selected.  Using real armory (SCA or historical, cards are 
prepared with both emblazon and blazon.  One team member gets the card
and then has to get the team to recite the correct (or very close) blazon
by miming the entire thing, using no words.  Another particularly silly
game, but one that requires a test-run through some of the more complicated
stuff before inflicting it on players.

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