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Teceangl tierna at
Fri Jan 15 04:27:02 PST 1999

(In response to the extreme interest shown on two heralds' mailing lists
I'm on to my little offer, I'm cross-posting this.  SCAHRLDS where I
first found it, Ansteorra heralds where it's being discussed further,
and An Tir Heralds where I make my home.)

The discussion is on a packet of heraldic games I'm compiling, comprised 
of stuff I've collected, stuff people have sent me, and stuff I've come
up with on my own.

Yes, I'll definitely make them available on the web when they're compiled.
If it looks like a good idea, I might also put them on my ftp site.

Yes, there will be games both intended for children and that children can
play and enjoy.  (Some kids are fine heralds.)

Yes, it'll be in text format and emailable; and I shall send copies to any
and all who request them.

Yes, I want others' games and ideas.

Yes, anyone can use everything I put out, anyone can link to the site, and
all are welcome to freely pass along all the info I have (provided you do
it as freely as I supply it - no charges other than perhaps copy costs).

That said, I'll start typing everything in next week and should have at
least some working stuff up before Friday the 22nd.  Bug me if nothing's
announced by Monday the 25th.

- - Teceangl (what have I gotten myself into *this* time?)
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