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Tue Jan 19 21:02:18 PST 1999

- ---"Darin K. Herndon" <st.amaranth at> wrote:
> AElfwyn wrote:
> [SNIP]
> >	"Per saltire Or and gules, two swords inverted in saltire argent
> >between two unicorns rampant sable."
> >
> >Lessee if I can translate from heraldese to normal people talk.  The
> >shield is divided by an x, with the left and right portions
> >and the top and bottom sections in red.  On the yellow sections are
> >black unicorns rearing with only one foot on the ground.  On the red
> >sections are silver/white swords, business end down.
> I believe that you read it correctly.  I would also note that both
> are facing to the left (as viewed) or dexter; they are not facing each
> other.  I keep meeting people who think that two creatures have to
> each other.

I believe from the language you use of the white swords being in the
red is incorrect. (I belive.)  They are in saltire, just like the
field division, so they are criss-crossed across the Shield, business
ends towards the earth.  Which seems ODD to me since that puts those
Silver swords partially on a Golden background... so I very well could
be showing I'm a novice at understanding all of this myself.

Ld. Timothy of Glastonbury
Herald for the Incipient College of the Three Bridges

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