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Darin K. Herndon St.Amaranth at
Mon Jan 25 09:49:40 PST 1999

>>Would it be possible to post the results of Laurel's decisions at
>>wInterkingdom this weekend?....

>And as a Midrealm pursuivant, I'd be interested in hearing the results

Greetings to the List!
(Before you read too far, I have not posted the results here as I had too
many duties to be able to take notes.)

Laurel's Roadshow this weekend was well attended and, I believe, well
received.  Mistress Jaelle also taught classes on the period use of
heraldic devices in clothing and on SCA Cooking Disasters.

At the end of the roadshow, I specifically asked Laurel about posting
results from the meeting (especially sice I saw a couple of Ansteorrans
taking notes during the show).  Our Laurel Queen of Arms stated that she
would allow such a posting to this list since she expected attendees to
speak with their friends anyway, whether posted or not.  She specifically
stated that any posting of such information must be regarded as preliminary
and subject to change.  Until the Laurel Letter is published, she reserves
the right to review new documentation/evidence from commenters and to
listen to the comments of her proofreader for the official letter so any
item is subject to having its decision reversed until the letter is mailed.

I have written the proviso above in case someone does post the Ansteorran
results, I want to make sure that the proviso is clearly understood.  I do
recall that the submissions by Stonebridge Keep passed so congratulations
to that group and also to Her Excellency of Elfsea as her name passed (both
subject to the proviso above, of course).  In fact, out of the Ansteorran
items she covered I believe that only two or three were returned (and one
was a tincture issue that can be easily corrected).

Ary, I am sorry but the following is by command of the Laurel Queen of Arms
(who laughed wickedly at the thought of conducting an audit of my office).
Her Heraldic Majesty expressly forbade any attendee to post any results (or
hints of results) concerning the Middle's submissions which were decided
this weekend.  Ary, she used many phrases like "Patience is a virtue" when
she expressly forbade the posting of the results of your device and badge.
Sorry, but I do not think a Laurel audit would be any easier than the IRS.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Obelisk Herald
Branch Herald, Barony of Northkeep

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