ANSTHRLD - Laurel roadshow

S Friedemann RandomSF at
Mon Jan 25 11:19:09 PST 1999

>Ary, I am sorry but the following is by command of the Laurel Queen of Arms
>(who laughed wickedly at the thought of conducting an audit of my office).
>Her Heraldic Majesty expressly forbade any attendee to post any results (or
>hints of results) concerning the Middle's submissions which were decided
>this weekend.  Ary, she used many phrases like "Patience is a virtue" when
>she expressly forbade the posting of the results of your device and badge.
>Sorry, but I do not think a Laurel audit would be any easier than the IRS.

That's okay, Etienne, Modar has already passed on this news to me.  Yes, I
know patience is a virtue, and, yes, I can be very patient when I need to
be! :)


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